Our Story

After 25 years of interior designing, Leena ached to do more. In her two decades of experience, she saw everything around her evolve and adapt to new forms of creativity.
She didn’t stop either. She continued to toil, learn and deliver. However, her creative mind and soul weren’t satiated yet. Her inner child, full of life and vigor, wished to learn and expand. This active urge to challenge herself left her thinking of her next new territory.

Parallely, Ahan, a photographer, was living a simple and sustainable life in the mountains. Being in his early 20s, he was still figuring out his calling. Meanwhile, his experience in Himachal was making him fall in love with the undefined but beautifully unified ways of nature and he often thought of his travels to different parts of the World where he had marvelled at the glorious man made structures holding tales of a forgotten time. He found Art in both forms of creation.

The mother-son duo often spoke about their respective callings until the time they realized that they could fulfill their newfound dreams together.

Welcome to Mila Living, where Art meets Consciousness.

Mila living designs are found in organic shapes and textures of nature, explored and unexplored architecture across the globe, and many more thrilling elements we are yet to discover in our journey.
We proudly outsource our product manufacturing to artisans who have been breathing life into Art for decades.